10 Best Infuser Water Bottles In 2021

If you have decided to embark on a journey of fitness and wellness, you might be taking a lot of radical decisions about your eating and drinking habit.

The most important step in this journey is staying hydrated throughout the day. Infuser water bottles are very helpful in making your water consumption more fruitful, literally.

There are many health benefits of drinking fruit-infused water that we’ll discuss at the end. But it is important to have a safe fruit infuser bottle that is convenient to use.

In this article, we are presenting you the 10 best infuser water bottles with reasons they can be useful to you. They come in all shapes, colors, and capacities. We hope you get the bottle that gives you the most utility.

List Of Best Infuser Water Bottles In 2021

1. 720°DGREE Water Bottle “uberBottle”

720°DGREE Water Bottle

This first fruit infuser water bottle we have on our list is by 720°DGREE. It is one of the best fruit infusers available on Amazon with 4.6 average ratings by more than 46 thousand users. The price of the bottle is also pretty attractive.

The bottle features an anti-glug opening that prevents spills and ensures a speedy flow of water while drinking. It has got a wide mouth opening so that you can add bigger fruits, herbs, and ice cubes to your water easily. The bottle is made up of Tritan copolyester material that is completely BPA-free.

Then there is a special velvety coating on the outside so you feel a pleasing sensation while touching it. It is light enough to carry around and very durable too.

It can be used using one hand as it features a 1-click drinking cap. To carry the bottle around, it has a decent strap attached to its neck.

This is one of the best quality infuser bottles that is used by students, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, yoga practitioners, etc.

They claim it to be a recyclable bottle so it is a healthy choice for the environment too. This 720°DGREE uber bottle is available in 25 different soothing colors with 3 sizes to choose from.

2. Opard 32oz Sports Water Bottle

Opard 32oz Sports Water Bottle with Motivational Time Marker

This is the best budget infuser bottle you will find on Amazon. Despite such a low price, it has got all the qualities of a good water bottle, the first being the capacity of 32 oz.

There is a built-in infuser that has enough opening and space to store healthy fruits. The bottle has a time and volume marker to help you track your water intake.

Opard sports water bottle is made up of toxin-free Tritan material and food-grade silicone. It is 100% leakproof and safe to carry in your bag.

The lightweight design and the strong carry-strap make it an ideal outdoor companion. If you are a cyclist, you will like the flip-top design that allows you to open the bottle instantly with one hand.

This bottle can prove to be an ideal gift for anyone who is into fitness. There are 14 different color combinations you can choose from.

3. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydracy is popular for making different types of fruit infuser bottles. This one with 32 oz capacity has got a long fruit infuser basket that gets very useful when the water level of your bottle is low.

For safe handling, the bottle has specially fitted grips. The shape of the bottle makes it ideal to fit in most car holders. It also features a flip-top lid for drinking water from the bottle instantly.

There are double-time markers on the bottle that motivate you to stay hydrated throughout the day. You get a sleeve for the bottle in the package.

This makes the bottle sweat proof and your water remains cool for a longer duration. The bottle is transparent but you have color options for the cap, grip, and sleeve.

4. Live Infinitely 34 oz Water Bottle

Live Infinitely 34 oz BPA Free Water Bottle with Time Marker

Here is another pocket-friendly fruit infuser water bottle with a decent sporty design. It allows you to track your water intake goals with the help of time markings on the bottle.

It has no in-built fruit infuser to store fruits but there is a fruit screen that allows you to drink fruit-infused water without getting the fruit seeds and pulp out.

This bottle is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes as the push-button here release the flip-top, ideal for instant drinking. The bottle is built with BPA-free and shatterproof Tritan plastic. You can wash it in a dishwasher.

5. XBOTTLE Half Gallon Water Bottle

Half Gallon Water Bottle 84 oz

If you are looking for an infuser bottle to fulfill your water requirement for the whole day, this is the best option you have.

With XBOTTLE’S 84 oz capacity water bottle, you just have to put fruits in the infuser only once a day and you will save a lot of time. It is best especially for sportsmen and people who work outdoors.

It is made up of Tritan which is BPA-free plastic and very durable. It is safe to put hot water in it as its working temperature is from 1°C to 100°C.

The removable fruit infuser can be used for fruits and veggies without letting their seeds and pulp mix in the water.

The bottle features a convenient handle that makes it easier to carry around. Even if you store it in your vehicle, there are no chances of leakage.

There is a sealing ring inside the cap that makes it 100% leakage-proof. The neck of the bottle is 2.8 inches wide for easy refilling and cleaning. It is safe to put this bottle in the dishwasher.

6. Infusion Pro 32 oz Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser

Infusion Pro 32 oz Infuser Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser

Beat your dehydration with this stylish fruit infuser bottle by Infusion Pro. It has an innovative design as the infuser here is loaded from the bottom. That makes even the small amount of left water infused.

It is unlikely with other bottles as their fruit infuser is mostly hanging from the top and the water is infused perfectly only when the bottle is full.

This bottle comes with a dual grip to hold the bottle safely when you are in action. The flip-top opening is also good for quick usage.

There is no chance of your water and fruits getting contaminated due to the bottle as it is made up of BPA-free Tritan.

There are five color options for the cap, bottom, and the grip – carbon black, charcoal gray, teal lime green, and violet purple.

7. Hydracy Water Bottle With Time Marker

Hydracy Water Bottle with Time Marke

This is another very highly rated infuser water bottle by Hydracy. With a capacity of 1 liter, the bottle has time markers to keep your water intake regulated.

It has got a 100% leakproof design and there is prevention against condensation as well. You get a good-quality neoprene sleeve that keeps your water cool and prevents the bottle from sweating.

The bottle is made up of shatterproof, light, and BPA-free Tritan plastic which is safe for keeping edibles. You can choose from 5 different translucent colors – aqua white, deep purple, midnight blue, rose gold, and space grey.

The attractive looks of the bottle and its utility have earned it 4.7 stars average ratings from thousands of users on Amazon.

8. Vitscan Store 64 Oz Water Bottle With Straw

Vitscan 64 OZ Water Bottle with Straw

If you are looking for a large water bottle on a limited budget, this is a considerable one. This does not have an in-built infuser but its mouth is wide enough for you to put fruits and veggies.

It has a long and reusable straw that goes to the bottom of the bottle. There are time markers with quotes on the bottle to help you get through the day.

The bottle has a strong handle that is attached to the cap. It makes the bottle more transportable.

The flip-top makes it easy for you to drink water quickly and the cap can also be used to pour water in it and then drink. You have a lot of color options with this bottle as well.

9. Live Infinitely Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Live Infinitely 32 oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This is one of the best flavor infuser bottles you will find on Amazon with all the essential qualities you are looking for.

The bottle features a sporty look comes with a built-in fruit infuser. All the material is made up of non-toxic, BPA-free material. It is safe to be used in a dishwasher.

You get a neoprene sleeve that makes the cold water last longer. There are many cool color options for the cap and the sleeve. The rest of the bottle is transparent.

The bottle also has time markers to help you keep the track of your water intake. The best thing about this bottle is that they provide you an eBook with 20 refreshing fruit-infused water recipes.

10. MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Are you looking for a fruit infuser water bottle to gift to someone? Here is a beautiful bottle by MAMI WATA that will prove to be a good gift for Christmas and kids’ birthdays.

It has a bottom-loading infuser design, similar to the Infusion Pro bottle we discussed above. But the capacity of this one is only 24 oz.

The bottle is made up of Eastman Tritan plastic which is safe and eco-friendly. The flip-top design makes it good for sportsmen who can use it on the go. It has a secured locked cap that promises no spilling and leakage.

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Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

What benefits can just a bottle of water with fruits can give you? According to the Source, here are some health benefits to your body by drinking infused water.

Prevents Dehydration

Dehydration causes a lot of mental and physical problems in our bodies. Though it is the benefit of water to prevent our body from getting dehydrated, making infused water regularly increases our water intake.

Studies have shown a lot of health benefits of staying hydrated regularly. It improves your cardiovascular health, enhances your mood, and helps your brain function smoothly.

Boosts Energy

This comes primarily from your body being hydrated with infused water and also depends on the ingredients in your infused water bottle.

Drinking infused water with lemon, ginger, strawberry, etc. makes your lethargy go away and helps you stay energized throughout the day.

Weight Loss

If supplemented with other methods like exercises and diet plans, infused water is good for people aspiring to lose weight. consuming infused water improves your metabolism.

So, you burn calories more and lose weight faster. Another way it helps you reduce weight is by limiting your hunger. If you drink infused water regularly, you will eat less, and still, your energy requirements will be met.

Good for digestion

Drinking water ensures good bowel movement. Your food is digested better and it removes the chance of constipation and other stomach-related problems.

Improves Immunity

Like in weight loss, here also infused water fights this battle in two ways. Firstly, putting fruits rich in vitamin C and vitamin E in your infused water will help you boost your immunity.

Secondly, if you drink infused water regularly, you are less likely to drink sugary and flavored drinks that are harmful to your immune system.


How long can you keep fruits infused in a water bottle?

If you don’t use the refrigerator, you should not keep fruits infused in the water bottle for more than a day. But people living in cold weather conditions or who keep infused water in the fridge can keep it for 2-3 days.

How should we drink flavor infused water?

Drinking infused water is good for your digestive health, improves your immunity, and improves your metabolism, thus helping in weight loss.

The most noticeable benefit of drinking infused water is getting hydrated and feel energized. There is no harm in drinking fruit-infused water every day but you have to keep 2 things in mind.

Firstly, wash the fruits thoroughly and make sure there are no chances of food poisoning due to the intake of contaminated fruits or water.

Another important thing to note is drinking citrus fruits infused water every day can cause harm to your tooth cavity and increase sensitivity. So, do remember to mix different types of fruits in your drink.

What should I put in my infuser water bottle?

Different types of fruits and veggies have different benefits when included in infused water. The most used ingredients that go with other fruits are lemon, mint leaves, ginger, and cucumber.

These are good anti-oxidants and also helpful for digestion. Other fruits you can include in your infused drink for vitamins and nutrients are strawberries, raspberries, oranges, watermelon, pineapple, kiwis, etc.


We all know the benefits of drinking water regularly but how often do we manage to follow this in our schedule? Infused water adds flavor to your water and makes you drink more of it.

The bottles we discussed are ideal for detoxing and help you prepare a good healthy drink. These were the best infuser water bottles you can use at home, office, gym, playground, etc. You can also read what you gain by drinking infused water below.