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Keeping a water bottle with you has become a must so that your body doesn’t lack fluids throughout the day. Drinking water at regular intervals improves stamina and provides energy. Dehydration causes irritation and lack of interest at work and study, so water is also a great mood enhancer. This detailed list will help in finding the best glass water bottle for yourself.

Plastic and other metallic water bottles lose their fragrance in the water. You just can’t deal with that smell all the time. Glass bottles are not only good for your taste but they look catchy as well. There are more things to look at in a water bottle before buying one. The best glass water bottle comes with durable material and an attractive design. Go through this list and you will know the best one for you. You can choose them by their looks or by the type of glass used in making them. These bottles have different durability and most of them won’t break easily.

Best Glass Water Bottle List

1. ZULU Studio With Silicone Sleeve

ZULU Studio Water Bottle

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If you do workout, cycling, or go on a hike in the mountains, then this bottle is for you, the looks of this Zulu glass water bottle are unmatchable. It perfectly blends with a tough routine.

This bottle comes with a carry loop so that it’s pretty handy. You can even hang it on your travel bag or bicycle. All the parts of ZULU bottle are safe to be put in a dishwasher. The best part is, this glass bottle comes in four attractive colors you can choose from.

  • Protective silicone sleeve for good durability and a better grip too

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Leakproof lid that can be closed with just one touch

  • Built-in carry loop for exceptional portability

  • Small size (20oz)

  • If you are sensitive to smell, the silicone rubber sleeve might be a turn off for you

2. Ello Devon Glass Tumbler with Straw

Ello Devon Glass Tumbler with Silicone Sleeve

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Cute looking small Ello devon glass bottle is more like a tumbler. This one too comes with a protective sleeve made up of silicone. The wooden lid has a hole for the straw that makes this glass water bottle/tumbler most suitable for cold coffee, ice tea, smoothies, and juices. If you purchase from ELLO’s authorized retailers, they are providing a lifetime guarantee for this product.

  • Best for enjoying beverages on the go

  • Silicone sleeve to protect from damage

  • No-slip Grip

  • Fits in the car cup holder

  • Available in five stylish colors.

  • The lid is designed to put a straw, so it is not leakproof

  • The lid isn’t dishwasher safe and less durable too

  • Straw is made up of plastic (defeats the whole purpose if you are using glass to avoid plastic use.)

3. Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle

Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle

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Another best glass water bottle to be used for on-the-go activities. This glass bottle is plastic-free. Most people would like to choose this bottle as the leak-proof lid is connected to the bottle, so it’s not possible to forget after keeping it somewhere. Like other glass bottles, this too comes with a silicone sleeve. This silicone sleeve is attached to the glass very creatively and this bottle looks very different from all the other ones.

  • Totally plastic-free

  • Lifetime guarantee that will help you in returning defective products

  • Wide mouth

  • Dishwasher safe lead and body

  • Easier portability with the loop that holds the lid

  • The seal that holds the carry loop is not durable

  • Available in limited colors

  • Silicone sleeve not properly designed to protect the bottle against damage.

4. purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle

purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker

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Perhaps another best glass water bottle on the list, this bottle is made up of 100% recyclable borosilicate glass. The Borosilicate glass is heat resistant which makes it more durable than most of the bottles out in the market.

The best thing about this glass is that they come in different sizes, which is not the case in most of the glass water bottles on this list. You can choose from 32 Oz, 22 Oz, and also 12 Oz for use. It also has a very well-designed protective silicone sleeve which is impact resistant and also helpful in a good grip.

  • Totally leakproof

  • Available in bigger sizes

  • Heat Resistant and impact-resistant borosilicate glass

  • Mouth wide enough to put Ice cubes

  • Small part of their profit goes to charity

  • The protective silicone sleeve is comparatively thin

5. Ello Syndicate Glass Bottle

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with One-Touch Flip Lid

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The beverage products by Ello are really likable. This is another outstanding product, the best glass water bottle to stay hydrated wherever you go. It is more of a ‘one look fits all’ product that can be carried to your workout sessions and even to the library.

Also, the silicone loop makes it easier for you to carry. You are good to put it in the dishwasher without having to remove the silicone sleeve. The glass is made up of BPA-free material that means your fluid has no chances of being contaminated.

  • It is available in 7 exciting colors

  • One-touch flip lid that makes a pop sound when you open it

  • Leakproof and easy to keep anywhere

  • Narrow opening

  • Bit heavy as compared to other bottles

6. ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle

ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

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When it comes to picking a rough and tough bottle for athletes, ZULU glass bottles must be considered. As the first bottle in this list by ZULU, this ZULU Atlas bottle is one of the most rated glass water bottles on Amazon. Put it in your gym bag or school bag of the kids, it’s leak-proof. The water will be available to you without any contamination of plastic or other metals.

  • Well designed protective sleeve made up of silicone

  • Leak-proof lid that closes at just a touch

  • Safe for dishwasher

  • Very small size, not suitable for a group or a long duration

7. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

Lifefactory 22-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

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This 22 Oz glass water bottle by Lifefactory is also made up of BPA-free substances. You can enjoy your water without fearing of it being intoxicated. With its largemouth, the bottle is easy to clean with a bottle brush and also for putting ice cubes. The lid of this glass bottle stands different from others as it has a small opening as well. You can put a straw through it enjoy your sundae or cold coffee.

  • Size is a little bigger than the other glass water bottles

  • The small handle attached to the lid is pretty useful for carrying or hanging while carrying

  • Durable silicone sleeve

  • The design might look dull to you

  • This glass bottle seems a little overpriced

8. Otis Classic Glass Bottles 6 Pack Deluxe Set

Glass Water Bottles 6 Pack Deluxe Set

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Looking for a good set of water bottles to shine in your kitchen? Have a look at this thick glass water bottle set. You might find this very attractive and the water looks crystal clear.

The set is also perfect to gift someone with a big family. This set of 6 airtight hot/cold storage glass bottles, comes with a set of 6 colorful neoprene sleeves. Apart from looking stylish, these sleeves will protect the bottle from minor hits. With 6 bottles, you can use a couple for storage as well. They are really good for storage because of the airtight stainless steel lid. Also, the thick glass ensures that hot beverages remain hot and cold beverages, cold.

  • Made up of thick glass and that too very clear

  • The price is overwhelmingly lower than other glass water bottles

  • Airtight lid that leaves no chance of contamination or leakage

  • Few people have issues with the cap as the rings inside the cap are made up of silicone

9. bkr Glass Water Bottle

bkr Luxury BPA Free Water Bottle

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This bottle has a minimal design, just as the name of the brand. With the simple design, this bottle is suited for all the places you go to. Road travel, flights, gym, camping, it is going to look very decent always. The best part is that these glass bottles are available in different sizes. So if you are a heavy user, just go for the 32 Oz variant. Even the kids can have the smaller one. They are safe from small bumps as they come with a silicone sleeve.

  • Available in different sizes and sleeve covers

  • Protective and grippy silicone sleeves

  • Food grade and leak-proof cap

  • Surprisingly expensive

  • The design is very plain that might not amuse a few

  • Very small opening, so not fit for fruit-infused drinks or ice cubes.

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Final Thoughts On Best Glass Water Bottle

After going through this list of best glass water bottle, it might turn out as a puzzle for you to decide the best one. The bottles in this list are no less than each other. In other words, they are quite alike. But you can choose as per your usage capacity. For workout sessions at the nearby gym or for beverages, the 20-25 Oz glass bottles and glass tumblers are perfect choices. If you want to take them to the library or long drives, camping, hiking, sleepovers, etc, then the bigger ones should satisfy you. Most of the bottles in this list come with silicone sleeves.

A large number of people seem to be satisfied with it but many have issues with the rubber odor. However, the odor is just limited to outside the bottle. One thing that must be kept in mind before purchasing a glass water bottle is that they need very good care. No matter how strong the silicone sleeve is, if the bottle falls, the chances of survival are too low. For your little help, Ello Syndicate bottle, which is at the 6th number can prove to be a better choice. This bottle has five-star ratings from a large number of people.

Metal Water Bottles Vs Glass Water Bottles

It is pretty easy to choose between ‘Use and Throw’ plastic bottles and reusable water bottles. Reusable bottles are ideal for the environment as well as your pocket. However, it is a tough choice to make if you have to choose from two kinds of reusable bottles. We can have a look and compare the best one for staying hydrated and storing fluids.

Metal Water Bottles:

The main reason to choose metal water bottles over glass ones is pretty obvious. The metallic one is far safer and durable than glass water bottles. But do we really need to reach the conclusion just because of the durability?

Metal water bottles are mostly of two types, stainless steel, and Aluminum. The toxicity level of Aluminum is pretty low and people have been using this metal in bottles and many cookware. But it is a scientifically proven fact that overexposure to aluminum is very harmful to blood and the brain. In many countries, households and hotels have stopped using Aluminum cookware because of the associated risks.

The risk of chemical leaching and staining should force us to reject aluminum water bottles at once. That lefts us with stainless steel water bottles. Are they any good?

Stainless steel water bottles are safer to use than aluminum. But there are many risks involved in this as well. There are very high chances that the so-called stainless steel is made with some amount of Aluminum in it. Even if it is a trusted company, your steel bottle is only safe if you put only water in it. Metals like nickel and iron are leached by steel bottles when you put acidic or alkaline fluids in them.

Glass Water Bottles:

If used responsibly, glass is the most suitable element for your health as well as the environment. The production of glass bottles is much more sustainable than metal bottles. It is tough to believe sometimes but glass is made up of one of the most abundantly found substances, sand. Sand is heated and turned into liquid sand, and then it turns into glass.

Glass bottles are very safe to use they won’t leave odor or taste in your liquid. These bottles do not leach any chemical substance and are safe for even infants. The most appropriate reason you should opt for glass water bottles is that the glass bottle does not react to any type of hot or cold beverage. Glass is also 100 percent recyclable material so there is no harm you will cause to the environment.

Best Glass Water Bottle Varieties

In its pure glass form, there are roughly 2 types of glass water bottles, Borosilicate glass bottles, and Soda-Lime Glass bottles. The latter is the most commonly used glass type for keeping food and beverages. It contains alkali metal oxides and it is moderately resistant to react to chemicals and water. This type of glass is most suitable for the environment as it can be recycled multiple times without any wastage.

The borosilicate glass water bottles are much more resistant to chemical reactions. This type of glass is used in laboratories to make chemical reactions inside them because the glass will not affect the reaction. Also, borosilicate bottles are more durable than soda-lime glass ones. All the glass water bottles in this list are made up of borosilicate glass and you are safe to use them without fearing the toxication of your fluid.


1. Are glass water bottles good?

Yes. Judging by the qualities of glass bottles, they are good as they do not release odor or taste in your water. If compared to plastic and metal, glass bottles have no chance of intoxicating your drink. Also, by choosing glass water bottles, you will cause no harm to the environment as glass is a natural substance and it is recyclable.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass bottles?

There is no disadvantage of glass water bottles other than they are fragile. However, borosilicate glass bottles show some strength against small bumps and hits. Because it is fragile, it is obvious that it gets expensive if you keep breaking and buying. If you can handle it properly, there are many advantages that you can benefit from.

Glass bottles won’t make chemical interactions with your food or beverage, no matter hot or cold. These bottles are non-permeable so your water is free from any types of taste and odor change. Also, the aroma and flavor of your food remain unchanged. The best benefit is to the environment though. Glass water bottles can be recycled any number of times, without affecting their quality.


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