Best Bottle Flips Ever [Videos]


Bottle flips were in trend for quite a long time! An act, performed with a combination of mass, gravity, and angular momentum, produced some of the most viral videos on the internet. After the 1st viral video, people from around the world not only practiced and mastered flipping the bottle, but they also challenged others to do the same and post online.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the best bottle flips ever performed. These videos have hundreds of bottle flips that will amaze you and might force you to try bottle flipping once more. As you move down in the list, it only gets more fascinating. We hope you enjoy the show.

Top 5 Videos Of Best Bottle Flips Ever

1. Water Bottle Flip Edition – Dude Perfect

There is rarely a sporting trend where Dude Perfect won’t jump. They gave a massive contribution to the bottle flip challenge and this was their first video in this series. Currently, it is about to cross 120 million views on YouTube which is a lot for any bottle flip video.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss a bottle flip from the second floor into a cup holder in the car through the sunroof. The super high skinny rail flip is also a tough one. What amazed us the most was ‘front flip flipper’ where a guy flips himself and then flips a bottle while in the air and lands it perfectly on the table.

2. Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 6 – That’s Amazing

Can you imagine making a bottle land on 3 small dices, stacked on top of each other? If that is tough for you, you will be really amazed by other things these guys have done. Just look at this mind-blowing water bottle flipping video by ‘That’s amazing’ on YouTube.

How can someone land one bottle above another blindfolded? But my favorite from this video was the 4 dice stacked above a bottle and another bottle was flipped and landed above them. Well, let’s go now to the third video.

3. Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots ULTIMATE EDITION – That’s Amazing

This bottle flip video is also from the YouTube channel ‘That’s Amazing’ made in collaboration with another channel ‘How Ridiculous’. Those were the initial years of ‘That’s Amazing’ and also the year when the bottle flip challenge became popular. If you want to have a glimpse of some crazy bottle flips from 2016, this won’t disappoint you.

4. Water Bottle Flip 2 – Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect again released this banger in 2017 with unbelievable bottle flips. With 370 million views, this is probably the most-watched bottle flip video ever. Well, why not? From flipping a bottle with a fishing rod to potting 2 balls in snooker by flipping a bottle, they have done it all.

There are some flips that are landed on the objects kept overhead, some on moving objects and one or two very difficult flips done without looking at the target. You are going to like the abstract flips at the end a lot.

5. Water Bottle Flip 3 – Dude Perfect

Guys at Dude Perfect brought the bottle flip challenge back from the dead in 2020 with video. Enjoy this impressive compilation of some of the best bottle flips ever. Few bottle flip bouncers there are really commendable.

Bottle Flip Bonus Videos

After the best bottle flip videos, here are some more related videos that are special in their own ways.

1. Senior Talent Show Water Bottle Flip AK 2016

This is the beginning of the chaos. The guy in this video is Michael Senatore who flipped a bottle in a talent show at a school in North Carolina. This simple flip was the reason that brought the storm of bottle flip videos across the world.

2. BABY DOES A BOTTLE FLIP! – AndrewSchrock 

If you are overwhelmed by all these videos of insane bottle flips, here is something cute to refresh your mood. This is the viral video of a baby who did bottle flip unknowingly and probably has no idea about his achievement.

3. Flip Edition – Dude Perfect

Though our list was meant to feature bottle flips, you can’t skip this one. Here are some astounding flips by Dude Perfect, including objects other than bottles too.

These were the best bottle flips ever according to us. You can let us know if we missed any of your favorites.


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