10 Best Bottle Brushes For Better Cleaning


A good step towards helping nature is to carry your permanent water bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles. If you are trying to cut down on plastic usage, you can go through our list of glass water bottles. But you can’t take risk of the contaminants in your water getting accumulated on the surface of your bottle.

Firstly, it is unhealthy and secondly, the bottle looks ugly and unattractive. To keep the bottles clean, there are various types of bottle brushes available.

In this article, we will review the best bottle brushes that will be useful for you in washing your water bottles and other narrow-mouthed vessels. These brushes are used mostly by the parents of small kids.

Kids are sensitive to a vast kind of bacteria and viruses that are the result of unhealthy surfaces. That’s why it is always advised to clean a bottle with a brush properly and then put it on a bottle drying rack for better hygiene.

You can choose the best bottle brush for baby bottle, water bottle, feeding bottle, or flask with the help of the reviews listed below.

Best Bottle Brushes

1. Dr. Brown’s Brush

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush

Dr. Brown’s bottle brush is a simple and useful tool for cleaning all kinds of water bottles ranging from standard bottles to wide-neck bottles.

This bottle brush comes with a grooved handle that is slip-resistant. You get a good combination of two types of washers in this brush. There is a sponge attached at the top with bristles below it.

As this brush is specifically designed for washing the milk bottles of babies, it comes with a fixed chevron channel. This ridged cleaner at the bottom of the handle will be of great use for cleaning the nipples of a baby bottle.

Washing the brush is also easy. You can wash it with lukewarm water or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The suction clip is there to make the bottle brush stand easily on any flat surface like on your kitchen slab etc.

2. OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

This is a long bottle brush with some promising durability. People have given it a high rating on Amazon because of its simple ability to clean narrow-mouth bottles and carafes.

Its blue bristles are stiff and flexible at the same time. You can even clean the glass material with this bottle brush-like wine glass, pitchers, etc. The brush cleans the surface without leaving any scratching marks.

It gets hard for many bottle brushes to make a good grip while washing, especially when they are wet. OXO bottle brush has a non-slip handle with a very comfortable grip.

It has a hook for storing it in the kitchen by hanging somewhere. This brush is dishwasher safe. But if you are looking for cleaning very rough vessels, this might not be the best option available for you as its bristles are too soft to make an impact on hard surfaces.

3. Munchkin Sponge Brush

Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

Munchkin is a popular name when it comes to cleaning products for one’s kitchen. This is a two-in-one bottle brush for quick cleaning of all types of baby bottles.

The first function is to clean the interior of the bottle very neatly. Secondly, it has a nipple brush in the handle for all-around protection for germs storage in your bottle.

Soapy hands are no reason to worry while cleaning the bottles as it has a non-slip handle. The height of the brush might disappoint you if your bottle is big enough.

It is one of the inexpensive and best baby bottle brushes out there and as of now, it is available in pairs.

4. Dr. Brown’s Cleaning Brush

Dr. Brown's Cleaning Brush

Here is another good cleaning product by Dr. Brown’s. These baby bottle scrubbers are not particularly bottle cleaners but if your bottle has parts such as small holes or straws, these are one to look for.

It gets pretty tough to reach small corners of the bottle. Many foldable water bottles and baby bottles have parts that are tough to access and the dirt keeps on accumulating.

These long and thin bottle scrubbers leave no stone unturned in small spaces.

This skinny bottle brush is a pack of four brushes at a very pocket-friendly price. This product is BPA free so there is no risk of your baby’s bottle getting contaminated.

5. OXO Tot Bottle Brush

OXO Tot Best Bottle Brush

OXO Tot bottle scrubber comes with two types of bristles for soft cleaning and serious scrubbing. The neck of the brush is flexible enough to deep clean the bottles. All regular-sized bottles can be washed easily with its restful grip.

For cleaning small spaces, the brush offers silicone nipple cleaner that can clean all the dirt that is usually inaccessible for bigger scrubbers.

Despite being not so pocket-friendly, the brush is one of the highest-rated on Amazon. It comes in two colors and both colors have different prices.

6. Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush

Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush

Purchasing Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush will be a good step towards taking care of you and your family’s hygiene. There are complaints about the foam brushes that they catch mold and smell at times. But you will not face any such problem with this silicone brush.

The brush is long enough to reach most of the containers in your house. Sticky residues in your bottle or flask from keeping smoothies and juices will be easily washed away.

The bristles are hard enough to wash all grungy containers but soft enough to not leave any scratches on its surface. It has one of the longest handles in this segment with very durable bristles.

This bottle brush is available in 5 different colors. The only drawback of the brush is that it won’t get inside opening narrower than 1 inch e.g. small bottles, etc.

7. Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set (4pcs)

Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

Here is a beautiful bottle cleaning brush set by Boon. The set looks cute and you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. It has four differently sized brushes with un-identical nylon bristles.

There is a bottle brush, a nipple brush, a straw brush, and a detail brush. The bristles of the brushes are durable and built to last. One of the brushes is used as the milk bottle brush to easily clean the baby feeding bottle.

The vase for keeping the brushes drains water from the brush. That leaves no room for molds and an unpleasant smell on the bottle brush set.

The brushes are capable of cleaning all kinds of baby feeding equipment like baby bottles, sippy cups and bottle parts.

8. HIWARE Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

HIWARE Silicone Best Bottle Brushes

This is another bottle brush cleaning set, by HIWARE, but at a very affordable price. This set contains one bottle brush, a snow brush, and a detail brush. The bottle brush is 14 inches long which is enough length for almost all types of bottles.

The straw brush has a length of 10 inch that is sufficient for taking the goop out of durable straws. For cleaning the interior of bottle caps, nipples, and other closed spaces, the 4-inch detail brush is very ideal.

The material of the brushes is silicone which is non-absorbent and very durable. All three brushes have a no-slip grip handle and there is a hole in the handle to hang them in your kitchen.

The nylon and silicone from which the brushes are made are soft enough to not leave any marks inside the bottles.

9. Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush

Philips AVENT Brush

Philips AVENT is a famous name among makers of products for babies. This plastic brush is ideal for washing bottles, nipples, and other feeding equipment.

The soft bristles do good work of cleaning the dirt without scratching the material of the bottle. For reaching the curves of the bottles easily the brush head is curved and the handle tip is molded.

The brush is dishwasher safe and BPA free for good health and hygiene. The storage of the brush will not pose any challenge as the brush has a cut out for hanging it easily in the kitchen.

Maximum people have given it a 5-star rating because of its durability and probably the pocket-friendly price.

10. Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush

Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush

Munchkin provides a wide range of options in baby bottle brushes. This is another big-size bottle and flask scrubber with large bristles. Sometimes, the kitchen gets messy with all those utensils and their cleaning products.

The Munchkin bottle washing brush offers a suction cup base for storing it easily on the countertop. This also helps the brush to dry quickly and prevent it from getting mold.

The neck of the brush is flexible enough to make the bristles reach the corners of your bottle. This brush additionally features a nipple brush that is stored in its handle making it the best bottle cleaning brush for baby bottles.

With it, You can clean pump parts, valves, and other complicated parts inside which normal brushes can’t enter.


So, here were the best bottle brushes reviewed for you. In terms of budget, HIWARE brush set looks promising, and it’s durable too. If there is no bar on price, you can also consider the Boon cacti set as well.

People look down upon sponge brushes now because it catches mold easily if not dried properly. If you want to avoid sponges and are planning to cut plastic usage, the Kitchiny silicone bottle brush will prove to be a good choice.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Bottle Brush

If you have decided to get rid of germy bottles for your kids, Bottle brushes will help you along the way. These brushes save from the cost of purchasing new bottles and also keeping your family healthy and safe.

Here are a few things that should be kept in mind when you are looking for a good bottle brush.

  • Length – Most bottle brushes offer average length which doesn’t pose any problem as such but when you have a slightly bigger flask to clean, it becomes an issue. It is always advised to purchase a brush with a long handle that can serve its purpose all the time.
  • Build/Material – The bristles, as well as other parts of the brush, needs to be checked before buying. If you are planning to clean delicate things, it will not be wise to buy rugged material brushes that can damage the surface. The silicone and nylon bristles are usually harmless but there are different varieties in these materials as well.
  • Handle – The grip of the bottle brush has to be non-slip. Some brushes have handles that slip away when your hands are wet or soapy. A properly gripped handle is a must if you don’t want to get irritated while cleaning your bottle.
  • Neck – The neck of the bottle brush should be flexible. The brushes with flexible neck will be able to reach all the dirty areas. The stiff brushes fail to do so and when you put more pressure they can break easily.
  • Budget – The budget is one of the most important factors in any product. The value for money will be offered only by durable items. Ideally, you should change your bottle brush every 3-4 months. So, spending a lot amount is not advisable.
  • Storage – A messy kitchen is home to germs. While buying a bottle brush, you need to check if there is a proper storage option. A suction base for standing or a cut-out for hanging has to be in it.


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